Our #1 question asked is if this is ‘the place’ from Garwood, NJ? Yes. The business was originally based there for 35 years but moved just a few miles away to Fanwood around 2007. Not long after, its name was changed from The Mattress Factory to the eponymous Shovlin Mattress Factory. Same family, same top-quality mattresses.

If any of your questions still remain unanswered, Super Ron & his Mattress Advisors are always down to chat mattresses via the chat feature, email or calling them directly!


What brand do you sell?

How are you different from the name brands?

Where are the mattresses built?

What firmness is good for "x" problem? Is firmness customizable?

What type of mattress/pillow is good for a side/back/stomach sleeper?

Can you sleep to the edge / sit on the side without it buckling?

Should I flip and rotate my mattress? How often? Do you do it? Is there a fee?

What size mattress is best?

Do you make custom size mattresses?

What do I look for in a toddler bed or a guest room bed?

Does latex sleep hot? Is there a smell or off-gassing with latex?

How is the latex made?

Are all box springs created equal?

Do I need an appointment to shop at the showroom?

What are your store hours?

Beds & Accessories

What is the difference between adjustable power bases? And what are the benefits?

Do the mattresses require a mattress pad/protector? Are they waterproof?

What is the separate pillow top made out of?

Can I get sheets anywhere, or do I need a special size?

What is a bunkie? How high is it?

Payment, Warranty/Guarantee & Returns

What payment methods do you accept?

Warranty/Guarantee: What are the terms?

What is your Return policy? What is your trial period?

Do you sell online? Can I order over the phone?

Do you have any sales/specials?

Delivery & Mattress Disposal

Do you ship? How far do you deliver? For how much?

Do you take away the old mattress? Is there a fee for that?

How soon can it be made/delivered? Do you have it in stock?

Not Sure Where To Start?

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