How To Choose A Mattress: Tips From The Pros

Aside from delivering premium bedding at a lower price than the name brand competition, we are also known for our exceptional customer service. We speak mattresses fluently - and know that you don't - so we use our expertise and mattress matchmaking skills to ensure you find your perfect match. Follow our tips below to ensure you get the amazing sleep you (and your body!) deserve.


Prepare To Hop In Bed

Feel free to stop by the showroom, no appointment necessary! Wear comfortable clothes and easily-removable shoes so you can hop right in. You can't truly understand a mattress' features until you lay down and feel it for yourself. If you share a mattress bring your partner so you can get a realistic feel for size and comfort. If you both fall asleep, no worries - we'll only wake you if you start to snore.


"It's What's Inside That Counts"

This proverb is especially true when speaking about the construction of a mattress. Know what's inside and what should be! The number of coils, the thickness of wire gauge, the type of latex, the type of foam and how much of each all matters. Make sure to speak with someone knowledgeable who can educate you on what you deserve.


Redefine Firm

A mattress no longer must be as hard as the floor to be good. In fact, too firm may be painful. If you purchase a handcrafted mattress made with premium materials, today's mattresses can combine luxurious comfort yet still provide orthopedic support. Don’t rely on product labels - lie down, feel the firmness and you be the judge.


Size Matters

If you sleep with a partner, don't get anything smaller than a queen. When you find a slice of heaven you'll want more than enough for yourself. Make sure you can both fit comfortably and save some room for the kids & pets, too!

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Don't Mix & Match

Avoid putting a new mattress on an old box spring. A mattress and its base are made to work together, not fight each other. Using them together will prolong the life of the bed. Be sure that your set is the right match.

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Read The Fine Print

Guarantees and warranties are important when you purchase a big ticket item like a mattress. Make sure you are protected against product defects (vs. normal wear and tear). Let Ron throw on his reading glasses and do the hard work for you.

Not Sure Where To Start?

We get it - mattress shopping can be overwhelming. We're making it simple with easy to understand cross-comparison charts and pretty colors.

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